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Perfect Your Technique

Welcome to day 15! Today I focused on the movement quality and mind muscle connection. This is an underrated form of progression. Many people have the goal of attaining a certain number of reps in an exercise, which is great, but often times technique and quality degrade in the process.

Here is what's crazy... If you spent the next 3-6 months working on improving your technique and NOT chasing numbers, you would actually see some serious improvements in strength and muscularity. But because movement quality can't be quantified in a practical way, improving technique is often completely overlooked when it comes to developing your basic calisthenic movements.

To be clear, I'm not against trying to set a rep record. I'm advocating for considering movement quality and technical precision as an additional method of progressing as well as a means of demonstrating your strength, power, control, and endurance.

We've all seen at least someone do that set of "20 rep" pull ups. The flailing, the kipping, the partial range of motion... And these are often the people that claim you can't build muscle with basic calisthenics! Don't be that person. Get the most out of the movement. Strive for perfection. Strive for MASTERY!

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