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Injury Risk

Day 22. Today's workout focused on quality over quantity. For these wide grip pull ups, I was focusing on a hard squeeze at the top of the movement, trying to strengthen and develop the muscles that retract the scapula. These pull ups are incredibly difficult and take a ton of back strength. As soon as I felt that my upper back was unable to maintain the proper position, I terminated my set, keeping my reps pretty far from failure. I can't say enough good things about this movement. If you want to fully develop your pulling strength and musculature, throw these in your program and get good at them!

Note: I am not an MD, so do not interpret my discussion, or personal/professional experiences as medical advice.

In my experience, basic calisthenics carry a relatively low injury risk. The loads are quite low, and there is no heavy implement to drop on yourself. However, straight-arm gymnastic style training needs to be approached more cautiously, as it can expose the joints to extremely high levels of force that they are unaccustomed to.

One common injury often experienced from 1 arm chin up training, as well as in those who start jumping in to high volume/high frequency training without adequate preparation, is Golfer's elbow. This is a unique injury and all too often, it does not reason well to traditional conservative treatments, like rest and ice.

Personally, I have found cross friction massage to be effective, along with the Reverse Tyler Cross friction- Reverse Tyler-

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