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Why You NEED To Practice Paused Reps

Welcome to day 19. Paused rep close grip chins from a dead hang, paused rep dips, and paused bodyweight squats.

Let me tell you about the power of paused reps... Spending some time with paused reps strongly reinforces proper technique. By pausing at the end ranges of motion, you are forcing yourself to perform your movements with full range of motion. Also, since strength gains are GREATEST in the ranges of motions that we train, paused reps provide an excellent strength stimulus to those often neglected positions, and since a full movement is only as strong as its weakest position, this improves your overall strength.

Pausing provides a potent hypertrophy stimulus as well. The pause increases time under tension, muscular recruitment and muscular fatigue in muscles that normally would not experience this, and this stimulates new growth in muscles that would otherwise wouldn't get such a powerful stimulus. If you feel pretty comfortable with your basic calisthenics, start doing some paused reps!

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