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Weighted Calisthenics

Day 8 of the daily workout! Today I threw in some weighted calisthenics. Also, I discuss how to incorporate and organize different repetition ranges into your training, and the effects of different repetition ranges on muscular performance.

I prefer to train with high reps most of the time, but I do enjoy some low rep training too. It has been a while since I've done any weighted calisthenics, so this was a nice change.

While sets of 5 all the way up to 35 have been shown to be equally effective in terms of building muscle mass, low reps are superior for strength gains. That being said, high reps absolutely can build strength, and some may find they get better results when they don't train quite as heavy (my personal experience), but higher reps are much more efficient at building muscular endurance.

An easy way to incorporate different rep ranges in your training- have higher rep, lower rep, and moderate rep training days. Alternatively, you can do what I did here, and have a low rep exercise, a moderate rep exercise, and a high rep exercise, all on the same day.

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