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The Pistol Squat

Today I talk about the pistol squat. This is a super useful movement for developing strength, balance and mobility in the lower body. Keep in mind that any one of these qualities can be a limiting factor, but training with a proper progression will develop all three of these qualities, eventually resulting in the ability to perform the complete movement.

For programming, I generally recommend doing 8-10 reps per day, 5-6 days per week, in a "grease the groove" fashion, which means spreading the reps throughout the day and taking at least 15 minutes between each single rep. I think most people can reduce the height of the box by 2-4" every 2 weeks or so. After several rounds of this, you will be so low you will need to squat to a box of books or something similar, that allows you to continue the progression below the height of a normal chair. Eventually you can perform the movement through the full range of motion.

I will detail the progression in future videos. Stay tuned!

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