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The Importance Of Variety

Let's talk abut variety...

Some high frequency training programs advocate performing the same movements every day. These "specialization" cycles intend to increase you performance in a particular exercise, like the pull-up or push-up, by having you perform it over and over again. This can definitely work, and it can be useful when just learning how to perform a movement (like when you have just gotten your first pull up). But, after you have a base level of strength and skill in a movement, I think in the long run, most people are going to benefit from a wider variety of movement. The thing is, you don't have to change you exercises THAT much in order to reap the benefits of variation. Simply changing your grip width, stances width, or grip orientation can be enough of a change to allow some muscles to rest a bit while others get more stimulation. This also can reduce injury risk by allowing your joints and connective tissue to recover, since the stress is distributed differently. The easiest way to introduce variation in high frequency training is to pick 3-5 variations of an exercise, and perform a different one each day. This way you can still practice your favorite moves every day, but now you can get more muscle and fewer injuries.

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