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The Calisthenics Advantage

Welcome to day 18. We got some dead hang wide grip pull ups, paused push ups and squats.This was a fast workout that left me with a great pump and feeling energized for the rest of the day.

Here is what most fitness experts won't tell you... Not every style of training is right for everyone. It depends on your goals, schedule, preference, etc. For general fitness and body composition improvements, calisthenics has some HUGE advantages over conventional barbell training.

1) Accessibility- it requires little to no equipment, and is free after you get a pull up bar

2) Simplicity- the movements are simple, safe, and scalable to any fitness level and are known by most everyone

3) They encourage good body composition.

I advise getting really good at the basic movements, and this means not only being able to perform them with a lot of repetitions, but with a quality of movement that is rare. On the way to mastery, they will transform your body, but they will also encourage you to attain and maintain a lean and muscular physique.

Calisthenics training is not optimal for maximizing your muscular potential. You can build a TON of muscle with basic calisthenics, actually WAY more than people realize, but if you want to truly maximize how much muscle you carry, you are going to need to dedicate yourself to some bodybuilding style training. Also, it is not optimal for truly maximizing your total body strength. It will get you properly strong, but to maximize your strength, you will need to barbell back squat and deadlift... really HEAVY.

But for those that want to move well, feel great, and look awesome, this is the PERFECT way to train. You can build an extraordinarily impressive, healthy and functional physique that requires very little equipment, and poses very little injury risk.

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