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Paused Reps

Workout day 9 is a good one. I wanted to continue showing some variations of the basics, but instead of weighted calisthenics or single arm/leg training, I wanted to demonstrated the power of pausing! Pausing at the top and bottom of your push ups and pull ups is a powerful way to make theses exercises SIGNIFICANTLY harder. It is also an opportunity to focus on clean and proper technique. This completely eliminates momentum, forcing your to use all of your muscle and power to perform the movements.

I finished the day with a very special exercise- the horse stance. This movement has been a favorite in the martial arts world for centuries, and for good reason. It is an extraordinary exercise that builds unbelievable amounts of mental toughness, and unparalleled levels of leg endurance. The burn is like nothing you will experience, and this creates some powerful local adaptations to your lower body. It also is an effective hip opener and great for mobility. If you feel you have "outgrown" pull ups, push ups and squats, try incorporating a pause, taking your control of these movements to the next level.

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