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How to design your own beginner calisthenics program for muscle and fitness.

Workout day 14. Close grip chin ups, modified diamond push up, and close stance squat. Todays workout was done in a circuit format. Circuit are an incredible way to blast your whole body from head to toe while saving time. This whole workout took me under 20 minutes!

Want to set up your own beginner calisthenics routine that takes only a few minutes per day to perform?

1) Pick a push up variation, a pull up variation and a squat variation

2) Perform a set of push ups at or close to failure

3) rest 1-3 minutes and perform a set of pull ups at or close to failure

4) rest 1-3 minutes and perform a set of squats at or close to failure

Feel free to stick with the same moves day to day or for extra muscle building and injury prevention, cycle through a variations. Take easy days when you need them and push it hard to set personal records when you are feeling strong and energized. As time goes on, feel free to add sets to this simple structure to increase your gains.

Effective training can be incredibly simple. Just push it hard, keep your form good, and stay consistent over the long term. These are the "secrets" to fitness.

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