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The Key To A Jacked Back

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

This no excuse, minimalist equipment calisthenics will give you a solid workout with little time requirement. Wide grip pull ups, diamond push ups, lots of air squats, and ring rows. Plus, I give a solid time-tested strategy for building an aesthetic back. The back is a part of the body that when well developed, advertises strength and power. Moreover, a strong back is highly functional, and can make daily tasks safer and easier. It is also the most important component of the sought after V- taper. For aesthetics and general attractiveness, a well developed back I simply a requirement

The good news is that developing your back is quite simple. The best exercise available is the pull up. Not only does the pull up grow your back like nothing else, but it develops your abs and arms in the process. But don't think your back will explode just because you did 8 weeks of pull ups and worked up to 3 sets of 8 sloppy reps. MASTER this movement! Build yourself up to a high weekly number of high effort sets, with PERFECT technique- full range of motion, no kipping, done with power and speed. OWN this movement fully, and you will be the owner of a great back.

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