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Cardio... Should You Do It?

Workout 25! Paused rep chin ups, close grip push ups and squats! I took my time on this one, but there is no reason you can't knock this workout out in about 25 minutes. This is a no-excuse, time efficient workout for muscle and fitness.

Cardio... some hate it, some love it, but should you do it? In general I say YES, with an exception for those looking to GAIN weight. For the rest of us, cardio allows us to stay leaner, helps us get lean in the first place, improves the productivity of our strength training by reducing our recovery times, improves our cardiac and metabolic health, and helps prepare us for unexpected life demands, as it's an important part of general physical preparedness. What's good is it doesn't take much. I recommend 20-30 minutes (or more) per day of zone 2 cardio (60-70% max heart rate). Most can accomplish this with a brisk walk, jog, swim, bike, or machine based cardio including rowing, stair stepper, or elliptical.

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