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A strange row variation and... weights?!

I start off this session with a new row variation called the "tuck row". The truck row is a great movement for training the lats, biceps, posterior deltoid, traps, and core. Personally, I like to throw is in occasionally as a pull up variation. And yes, I primarily train basic calisthenics, but every once in a while, I like to pick up a weight. I wanted to show one of my favorite upper body movements to do with a dumbbell- the 1 arm press. This movement trains the heck out of the shoulders and triceps and feels very shoulder friendly in terms of safety. My form wasn't great here, but I would make progress with this exercise by improving my technique before adding any additional weight or volume.

Here is the truth... I think most people are fine working exclusively with basic calisthenics. For most of my training cycles, well over 95% of my training volume is basic high rep calisthenics. But, there are some of you that need or want the additional strength and/or size that come from training with weights. Don't worry, you can do both! Either do your lift before your calisthenics training, or just substitute a weight lifting movement in for a calisthenics movement. Both work great.

This is going to conclude my 30 day workout series. From now on, I will posting 1-2 videos per week, going into more depth on various topics that I think are useful. If you have anything you want me to address, let me know, and I can make a video about it.

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