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Muscle Up Tips

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

The muscle up can be an elusive beast for many. However, I have found a solid strategy for attaining this movement quickly.

First- DEVELOP YOUR PULL UP!! I cannot stress this point enough. I recommend being able to do 15-20 reps, WITHOUT KIPPING, through a full range of motion. Can you pull off a muscle up with less back strength? Yes, but don't aim to just "pull it off", try to perform it as perfectly as possible. Also, high rep pull ups condition your connective tissue, improve power, and make you more resistant to injury.

After you have mastered pull ups, get a high box and position yourself at the top of a pull up bar, as if you just finished a rep. Now, have a friend remove the box, and while under control, lower yourself down to the hang position. You just did a muscle up negative. Practice these until your technique is crisp, and you have a feeling for the groove. Don't rush this step. Next, find a lower box, that allows you to grab the pull up bars with your arms extended a little more than 90 degrees. Now pull yourself to the top of the bar with the assistance of a strong jump. Feel the groove that your body traveled though. Lower yourself under control so you keep practicing the negative. Practice this and then find a lower box and repeat. Don't rush this process. When you can do this with almost straight arms at the bottom, and your negatives are smooth, you are now ready to try your muscle up, and since you are a pull up beast and took the time to work the negatives and the jump assisted muscle up, it will come quicker than you thought!

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