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Training Frequency

Day 7 of the daily workout. Close grip pull ups, feet elevated parallette push ups, and 300 squats squats. This is a high rep, minimalist, calisthenics workout for health, fitness and muscle. Also, I discuss training frequency, its significance, how to manipulate for your training program. Training frequency is just a matter of how you are distributing your weekly volume, and is less important than your overall training volume. If you are training pull ups with around 14 sets

How Long Should You Rest?

Day 6 minimalist calisthenics workout using nothing but a pull up bar. Wide grip pull ups, push ups, and walking lunges. My work schedule forced me to knock this out with minimal rest, which inspired me to discuss the subject of rest intervals. How long should you rest? The real answer... as long as it takes for your to perform as well as you can on your next set! However, if you are short on time, but want to get the reps in, you can make up for a poor quality set due to la

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